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Top 3 Swimwear Brands in 2019

We are currently in the middle of the summer season 2019 and I thought this might be a great moment to have a little recap on my favorite swimwear brands of 2019, especially as sales still continue – so watch out for sales of the later mentioned brands…

I think swimwear can be found almost everywhere – specialized brands, big retailers, discounters, supermarkets, online shops, etc. – and it seems like every fashion brand offers a swimwear line. Besides that I have noticed on Instagram the growth of lots of small swimwear specific brands from all over the world, providing fashionable designs – often at low prices. However, I find it difficult at times to find the right compromise between quality, price and design in the jungle of bikinis and swimsuits. Let me share with you my favorite brands of swimwear with a little background info and my ratings (1 lowest, 10 highest) on price, quality, variety (ability to mix and match), trendy designs and their uniqueness (how well known they are):


The Italian swimwear/hosiery brand Calzedonia provides fashionable designs with average quality at average – low prices. I really like the variety of colors, designs, shapes of tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched however you like – especially for mono-colored bikinis. I like that you can find some basic outfits for various body shapes, a guarantee to find a bikini style that matches your boob and bottom shape. Prices are quite reasonable but quality at times is not satisfying me – but what else can someone expect at low priced fashion. It becomes more obvious when you have once been to an outlet store of their brand, where you can buy bikini bottoms for just five Euros. Production seems to be mostly in Eastern Europe (Serbia), countries that are known for low production costs and therefore low wages for the workers. Another downside of that brand is that you will likely find several people wearing the same swimsuit as you do.

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Top: 30 €
Bottom: 15 €
Total: 45€


I have just recently found out about oh Polly, a Scottish fast fashion brand that was founded in 2016 in Glasgow and had a massive brand growth in the past year. The styles are quite revealing (sometimes too much from my viewpoint) and therefore a brand for girls who like to show skin. Low prices and the fact that they have offices in Bangladesh and China imply a low cost production in southeast Asia. However, I must admit that the fabrics are lightweight and super comfortable on the skin. I was actually very surprised by the fit and the quality. It is possible to mix and match some styles and they have a lot of different, super trendy and sexy styles. Most bottoms have a thong shape, but some of the styles have a Brazilian cut bottom, too – however, all bottoms are high waisted. I think oh Polly swimwear is a less widespread and more cheeky option compared to the more moderate designs of Calzedonia.

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Top: 22 €
Bottom: 22 €
Total: 44 €


I discovered German swimwear brand Janthee at KADEWE Berlin (German retailer) last year, when the brand only existed for around two years (founded 2016 in Berlin). For someone who likes swimwear with Brazilian cuts (less coverage & tan lines), this is the perfect brand for mixing and matching colorful and high quality pieces. The Italian fabric not only got the looks but also a very nice touch. Also, the production in Portugal seems to provide a very good quality of craftsmanship. I think the price is totally reasonable for the quality you get and on top of that you will have a beach outfit that not everybody is wearing. Furthermore, the Customer Service is very friendly and cooperative: In my first ordered package, there was one bikini top missing and after contacting the support team they immediately sent the top and provided me with a 30% discount code on my next order. I am totally in love with their product options and already got lots of compliments on these swimsuits. A fashion startup worth supporting!

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Top: 55 €
Bottom: 50 €
Total: 105 €


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