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Welcome to my world of Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle!

Hi there and welcome to my newly born Blog where I will share my personal approaches to Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle. For those of you, who don’t know me in person, here’s a brief profile:

Teresa Nägele, 25 years old
Born in Munich, Germany; currently living in Lucerne, Switzerland
Studied Business Administration at University of St.Gallen (Switzerland)

Speaks German, English, Italian
(Read more in the about section)

Why have I started this Blog?
First of all, I have always been someone enjoying pleasurable things, quite typical for my astrological sign taurus – so no surprise. This includes things such as lipsticks and unique perfumes, high heels and fancy dresses, a precious dinner with a good bottle of wine or eye-opening travels through the world – the list could go on forever…
However in the past five years I have discovered an above-average interest in all topics regarding beauty – may it be skincare and treatments, supplements and skin food or the power of make-up. I have started to read a lot about skincare and skin health, started to follow several specialist and journalists on social media and worked out my own skincare routines – which surprisingly really worked well. This strong interest developed because I was simply not satisfied with the appearance of my skin at my age – I mean constant breakouts, enlarged pores and first signs of aging at the age of 22 – what the – uhm no… After some months of changing my food and skincare habits in combination with supplements, I could really see my skin change, soon I got lots of compliments from family, friends and even strangers. People started to ask what products I use, or how I achieve that glowy-dewy look and I was more than happy to pass my learnings on to them and see their skin change, too. One of my early childhood friends – with who I just reconnected during a visit in London – told me:

Look Teresa, I think you should really start a Blog about beauty. You know so much and you seem so passionate about this topic and I am sure people would love to hear your suggestions.

To be honest, by that time I have already had this idea in mind but not yet developed an action plan – and I had no clue how to get started. I did not want to do the same kind of blogging that most Beauty Bloggers do, I envisioned something different – without having a clear picture in my mind. This friend did not stop encouraging me to start this beauty blog every single time that we met each other and it has honored so much and kept me motivated to add this idea to my action plan for the future. However, Lara was not the only one suggesting this to me so it seemed like I really have to get this done as part of my passion and joy to help others.
Secondly, I got a bit sick and tired of always seeing the same products and challenges promoted by endless beauty bloggers on Instagram. From my point of view most of them all do the same, and look the same – I mean there seems to be a lack of creativity and willingness to search for brand new and actually useful tools and products. I guess it was also the rebel inside of me that wanted to make a change and go back to a more natural and easy beauty image. It’s not that I do not enjoy also to treat my face with an amazing make-up look for a night out, paired with a sexy dress, but I always prefer to keep a hint of class and self-worth. It seems that nowadays social media forces you to stick to a certain image – being sporty or elegant or boyish etc. But I refuse these stereotypes because I actually enjoy all facets of my character – the natural, the dolled-up, the crazy and also the sentimental one. In a nutshell: I want to encourage people to be themselves – even if their characteristics seem contradictory – diversity is a wonderful thing.
Lastly, this blog is also kind of a collection of my knowledge and ideas of many topics. Why keeping them private when there are other people having exactly the same questions and ideas in their mind, just waiting for them to be subject of a discussion.

What is this Blog about?
I want to share my personal approaches to the three main topics Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle, with the intention to give a different perspective and therefore a relevant value and platform for discussion for everyone who is interested. Let me give you a better understanding of the content by defining some sub-topics:

Beauty: I want to promote a more educational and scientific approach of skin concerns and support a more natural beauty image.
Subtopics: Make-up, Skincare, Supplements, Treatments etc. (Read more: Beauty)

Fashion: I am not following fashion rules or trends but rather discover my own kind of style, while keeping in mind the true costs behind the fashion business.
Subtopics: Newly discovered Brands, Trends, True Costs etc. (Read more: Fashion)

Lifestyle: I do support a more balanced and not too extreme lifestyle, as I believe in the healthy middle way, as my great-grandma always explained to me.
Subtopics: Health, Fitness, Art & Culture, Food & Drinks, Traveling etc. (Read more: Lifestyle)

What will you not find in this Blog?
My goal is not to copy what other people do or present the same products that you have already seen 50 times on Instagram, I want to bring up different topics and solutions, furthermore I will try my best to answer and research all your questions. So I will be more than happy for any advice on preferred topics in order to make this Blog a good website for consultation, with relevant content for you.

Thank you for your interest in my blog. I hope you will enjoy the content and kindly ask you to let me know preferred topics, critics on my writing or topic selection and of course what you enjoy about my blog.

With my best wishes,




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